Silver for Zack and Nanna at the Danish Championship for seniors!

Blue Hors elite rider Nanna Skodborg Merrald participated in the Danish Championships for seniors 2022 with the breeding stallion Blue Hors Zack as well as the Zack-son Blue Hors Zirrus  - and it resulted in a silver medal!
Silver for Zack and Nanna at the Danish Championship for seniors!

From left: Nanna and Zack, Cathrine and Vamos Amigos and Lone and Rostov

Number two in Saturday's Grand Prix

In lots of sun and heat, Nanna Skodborg Merrald could once again report herself as ready for duty as the rider of the two gifted horses; Blue Hors Zack (by Rousseau / Jazz) and Blue Hors Zirrus (by Blue Hors Zack / Donnerhall) in the Grand Prix at the Danish Championships for seniors in Uggerhalne at Helgstrand Event.

As the very first start of the championship, the 18-year-old breeding stallion Blue Hors Zack and elite rider Nanna S. Merrald rode directly into the top of the competition. The pair scored a whopping 79,140%, which is Zack’s personal record in the Grand Prix. This great score kept the pair in front until the last rider, and they thus ended up on an impressive second place in the Grand Prix.

Nanna’s second start in the competition was onboard Zirrus, for whom the show was among the talented dressage horse’s first Grand Prixs. Zirrus and Nanna scored 67,220% and a position as number 16 out of the 30 riders who had announced their participation.

Silver for Nanna and Zack!

As the last rider, Nanna Skodborg Merrald and Blue Hors Zack rode through Zack’s freestyle and scored 83.700% with one single misunderstanding pulling them a couple of marks down. It was still more than enough to cement their second place in the championship.

We at Blue Hors are, as always, super proud of Nanna and Zack, who repeatedly showcase one demonstration of power after another!

A strong touch of Blue Hors in the championship-top

The Blue Hors stallions are not to be dismissed when talking about top sport.

Danish Champion 2022, Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour, rode the 10-year-old Vamos Amigos, whose damsire is the stallion Blue Hors Hotline. The talented Hotline-grandson, Vamos Amigos, cashed in an impressive 90.850%.

Bronze medal recipient Lone Bang Larsen’s horse also has a Blue Hors-pedigree, as Thranegaardens Rostov is sired by Blue Hors Romanov, who is also the sire behind several other talented Grand Prix horses. Lone and Rostov achieved 82,000% in the freestyle, which moved them from a fifth place and up into the medals.