10 Blue Hors horses ready for the young horse championship finals!

With a look back at the week that went by, Blue Hors has had yet another exciting week with another 7 Blue Hors horses qualified for the finals at this year's PAVO and DRF's dressage championships for young horses!
10 Blue Hors horses ready for the young horse championship finals!

Cristian Tudela Ruiz & Blue Hors Londoner

Blue Hors riders Tania M. Joensen, Nanna Skodborg Merrald, Tanja Rusovic and Cristian Tudela Ruiz have been showing severa horses in Grindsted Rideklub, where the semifinals for this year’s dressage championships took place this weekend.

Saturday forthe 4 year old horses

At PAVO & DRF’s semi-finals for 4-year-old dressage horses, Nanna and Blue Hors Monte Carlo TC (Dream Boy / United, breeder: TJM Coomans) placed as number 11 with 83,800 points (8.6 in trot, 8.4 in walk, 8.2 in canter, 8.3 in rideability and 8.4 in capacity). In the same class,Tania placed as number 15 on Højgaardens Zacksmir (Blue Hors Zack / Sir Donnerhall I, breeder: Stutteri Højgaardens Heste) with a score of 82,000 (8.2 in trot, 8.1 in walk, 8.3 in canter, 8.2 in rideability and 8.2 in capacity ) and number 18 on Vento (Blue Hors Veneziano / Blue Hors Zack, breeder: Philipp Welsing) with a total score of 81,000 (8.2 in trot, 8.3 in walk, 8.1 in canter, 7.6 in rideability and 8.3 in capacity).

Nanna Skodborg Merrald & Blue Hors Monte Carlo TC


At PAVO & DRF’s semi-finals for 5-year-old dressage horses, Cristian placed as class number 6 on Blue Hors Zackorado (Blue Hors Zack / Florencio I, breeder: Paul Rode) with a nice total score of 8,620 (8.2 in trot, 9 in walk, 8.5 in canter, 8.7 in rideability and 8.7 in capacity). In the same class, Tania placed as number 8 on Blue Hors Visconti (Vivaldi / Just Perfect, breeder: Rudolf Richard) with 8.520 (8.7 in trot, 8.6 in walk, 8.7 in canter, 8 in rideability and 8.6 in capacity), just like Tanja placed as number 18 with 7,800 (7.8 in trot, 7.5 in walk, 8 in canter, 7.7 in rideability and 8 in capacity) on Lars Petersen’s Galliano (Governor / Blue Hors Hotline, breeder: Pferdehaltung Terhorst GbR Hermann & Kerstin Terhorst), who is in training at Blue Hors.

Tania M. Joensen & Højgaardens Zacksmir

At PAVO & DRF’s semi-finals for 6-year-old dressage horses, Cristian placed as number 3 on Blue Hors Londoner (Londontime / Danone I, breeder: Wilhelm Schwierking) with 8.46 (8.7 in trot, 8.5 in walk, 8.5 in canter, 7.8 in rideability and 8.8 in capacity).


With the winner of the 5-year qualification at Vilhelmsborg; Blue Hors Victor (Vivaldi / Stedinger, breeder: Gerd Janssen), winner of the 7-year qualification in Ringsted Sports Riding Club; Blue Hors Touch of Olympic L (Blue Hors Don Olymbrio / Fidermark, breeder: Anja & Jan Petersen), number 2 at the 4-year qualification in Sportsrideklubben Bogø; Blue Hors Valenzo (Blue Hors Veneziano / Dimaggio, breeder: Christin Boekhoff) and the one directly selected for the 7-year-old championships final; Elliott Julianelyst (Erlando / Blue Hors Romanov, breeder: Julianelyst ApS) directly on to the finals in week 41, the starting list is supplemented with another 6 Blue Hors horses from the semi-finals, namely; Blue Hors Londoner, Blue Hors Monte Carlo TC, Højgaardens Zacksmir, Vento, Blue Hors Zackorado and Blue Hors Visconti.

Great placements in Friday’s MB showclass

On Friday, Cristian rode himself into a nice 3rd place on the red Duisenburg / Samarant-son Blue Hors Dillon with 72.654% in today’s highest dressage class; the MB0.

The 9-year-old Dillon is bred by Gabriele Becker-Hermann and is by the Grand Prix stallion Duisenberg, who is a Desperados / Weltmeyer-son, whom in combination with Dillon 9’s mother; Sundance (Samarant / Fidermark), has created a well-functioning, long-legged show horse for the sport.

Watch video of Monte Carlo and Londoner below: