Zepter wins World Cup qualifier in Neumünster (VIDEO)

Blue Hors Zepter and Nanna Skodborg Merrald have proven to be a “match made in heaven”. How it is even possible to have one’s international debut in January, and then a month later stand as the winner of a World Cup qualification? That is for sure beyond comprehension!

Zepter wins World Cup qualifier in Neumünster (VIDEO)

Blue Hors Zepter i Neumünster. Vinder af World Cup Grand Prix med 77%

WOW! Nanna and Zepter triumf in Neumünster

Nanna has found just the right buttons to push on Zepter, and that was more than evident to anyone lucky enough to see Blue Hors Zepter (by Blue Hors Zack/Wolkentanz II, breeder: Bernhard Sieverding) dance his way through the Grand Prix today. Zepter is a big horse on many levels – with his +180 cm., he is a horse that fills out the dressage arena – but behind the big body, a unique interior is hidden. He is a huge personality with the most amiable heart and is by far the biggest cuddly bug in the barn, and if he could climb onto someone’s lap, you would definitely find him cozying up to Nanna, Elise or Iina.

Zepter is a horse made of dreams. In particular, Zepter’s talent for the collecting exercises is in a league of its own. This is also where he got most points from the very top shelf in today’s test: especially the pirouettes, piaffe and passage are rewarded with 9 and 8.5’s. With a total score of 77.130%, and a personal best in the Grand Prix, it will be incredibly exciting to see what heights the pair can reach in Sunday’s Freestyle.


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