Zepter wins the international Grand Prix in Rotterdam

Blue Hors Zepter has been at the CHIO competition in Rotterdam, where he with Swedish Patrik Kittel in the saddle, participated in the team competition and won the Grand Prix Freestyle!
Zepter wins the international Grand Prix in Rotterdam

Patrik and Zepter //Anne Roos Photography

"Holy moly, Blue Hors Zepter winning at CHIO Rotterdam with over 80 %! What a night, what a horse! Just moments where you truly enjoy the lap of honour with all the amazing crowd giving standing ovation. Thank you! Zepter is the kindest, sweetest, coolest horse who always want to do his best. I am truly lucky I am allowed to be your partner, Zepter!"

Patrik Kittel

With over 76% and a second place in the preliminary Grand Prix class, Swedish Patrik Kittel and the Blue Hors Zack-son Blue Hors Zepter were more than ready to take on the Grand Prix Freestyle at the CHIO Rotterdam dressage competition.

With the pair doing this well already from the start, they brought Sweden into an important position for the team competition. The rest of the team consisted of: Jeanna Hogberg on Astoria, Tinne Vilhelmsson Silvfen on Devanto and Danish-Swedish Jacob Nørby Sørensen on Sheeran.

Grand Prix Freestyle victory with over 80%

The pair’s second start at the big event was in the Grand Prix Freestyle – and here the pair advanced to the top of the podium! Hereby it was a very happy Patrik Kittel who could report a fantastic ride with his partner Blue Hors Zepter.

With over 80% and a first place to add to the team competition’s scoreboard, it became a shared score of 39 points for both the US and Sweden. Sweden, however, had to shy away from second place and down to third place, as the Americans ‘overall score stemmed from better individual rankings than the Swedes’.