Zack-offspring Zick Flower wins CDI3* Grand Prix Special

Cristian T. Ruiz and Blue Hors Zick Flower just keep on winning!
Zack-offspring Zick Flower wins CDI3* Grand Prix Special

Zick Flower with his rider Cristian and his groom Henriette

Cristian Tudela Ruiz & Blue Hors Zick Flower with show-succes at the CDI3* dressage show i Meerle, Belgium!

Blue Hors rider Cristian Tudela Ruiz, groom Henriette Krogh Sørensen was more than ready for show-start in Belgium in the Grand Prix at the CDI3-starred dressage competition at Coenegrachts Stables in the Belgian town of Meerle with Blue Hors Zick Flower (Blue Hors Zack / Blue Hors Romanov, breeder: Andreas Gregersen)

During this year’s Summer Festival which took place in June, Cristian and Zick Flower took the win in the Grand Prix and with this weekend’s victory in the Grand Prix Special, the talented Zack-son could thus add yet another victory to his achievements.

With 69.7% in friday’s Grand Prix and 71% in sunday’s Special the pair showed that they are more than ready for bigger challenges – and we are looking forward to supporting them at their next big competition in the German town Herzlake!