Bronze for Laura and Veneziano at Herning2022

Today the CDI-U25 riders rode their freestyles at the Stutteri Ask Stadium - and Veneziano once again showed good spirits under his rider Laura, who rode the stallion in the most beautiful way on the big arena
Bronze for Laura and Veneziano at Herning2022

Laura Kristine Thorup and Blue Hors Veneziano

A victory in the bag and a bronze to finish

Blue Hors rider Laura Kristine Thorup and breeding stallion Blue Hors Veneziano (by Vivaldi/Donnerhall) made a flying appearance yesterday when Laura was able to present a rather fresh Veneziano at the BB Horse Arena in Herning. But the pair did terrific, despite a high energy level, and could call themselves winners of yesterday’s U25 dressage class with 70.470%.

Today they took a trip to Stutteri Ask Stadium to show their freestyle. Veneziano and Laura had a mostly good ride, but there was a single pirouette in canter that turned out to the bigger side. However, what we generally see from this pair is filled with overall quality and class.

The pair’s kür program was awarded 73.142% and a third place. However, it was not a unanimous panel of judges, as one judge at M had placed the pair in first place of the class – and must therefore be just as fond of Laura and Veno as we are at Blue Hors.

It was therefore a happy pair, consisting of Veneziano and Laura, who showed up for the award ceremony after two good days of placings in the CDI-U25 dressage in Herning during the world championships.

A big congratulations to Laura and Veneziano from all of Blue Hors.