Temporary halt on semen from Blue Hors

The Blue Hors EU stallion station in Randbøl is part of an extensive EU testing program to ensure the health of their stallions. Unfortunately, a single test has temporarily halted semen deliveries while new samples are being sent.

Temporary halt on semen from Blue Hors


Blue Hors EU seemen collecting centre in Randbøl is subject to a testing program where blood samples, semen samples, and swabs from reproductive organs from all breeding stallions are being analyzed for various diseases.

The testing intervals vary depending on the disease in question, with some tests conducted as frequently as every three weeks throughout the breeding season.

We received an inconclusive result from a single test for Blue Hors Santiano, meaning the sample was neither negative nor positive. Based on this, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has decided that no stallions may be collected until we can present a negative test result.

Therefore, semen from Blue Hors cannot be ordered for the time being. New samples have already been submitted to the laboratory, and we are eagerly awaiting the results.

We are truly sorry for this announcement. We are working tirelessly to get answers from the samples received at the laboratory.

Martin Klavsen

Blue Hors Santiano shows no signs of illness and has been tested every three weeks since December 2023, with eight negative results so far. With this in mind, we are naturally convinced that the stallion is not ill and that there was an error during the analysis of the sample.