Semen orders and breeding advising during the breeding season of 2022

We are facing the breeding season of 2022 and here you can read more about how you can order semen from our breeding stallions and receive breeding advice from our breeding advisers through our website, by phone call or via email correspondence.
Semen orders and breeding advising during the breeding season of 2022

Now that we are facing the breeding season of 2022, which we at Blue Hors have been very much looking forward to, our stallions are ready to cover your mares. The coronavirus is in retreat and we look forward to the opportunity for us  physically reunite with our breeders.


“It has been a long time coming to be allowed to show you our, new as old, breeding stallions, and with the prospect of  better times, we are already in full swing planning stallion shows and competitions. We are entering an exciting time, where several new stallions have arrived, and we expect a fantastic 2022 season with our breeders “

– breeding manager Martin Klavsen


With an exciting stallion collection featuring, among others, the newly selected premium stallion in the Oldenburger Verband, Blue Hors Feinstar (Blue Hors Farrell – Bon’A Parte – Landsieger I, breeder: Lars Wenke) and premium stallion in the Hannoveraner Verband, Blue Hors Flashdancer (For Dance – Dagostini – Stedinger, breeder: Christoph Plate), the season takes off with appealing new blood. Feinstar will be stationed at Boeckmann Pferde in the 2022 season, while Flashdancer will be stationed at Landgestüt Warendorf.

Our in-demand, popular gold medal and Hauptprämiensieger stallion, Blue Hors Zackerey (Blue Hors Zack – Sandro Hit – Solos Carex, breeder: Tove & Ove Nørgaard), will be stationed at Dressurleistungszentrum Lodbergen, where he will continue his positive development under Therese Nilshagen.

Our flagship and Olympic stallion, Blue Hors Zack (Rousseau – Jazz – Belisar, breeder: B. Wilschut, will be accompanied at home on Blue Hors by newly acquired Blue Hors Baron (Benicio – Sir Donnerhall I – Friedenfürst, breeder: Albrecht Middelkampf), who has already contributed with selected stallions among his offspring.

Zack and Baron’s stable mates have also had a very good season. Monte Carlo was the most used stallion in Denmark in 2021, just as he himself came third at the Danish Riding Association’s Young Horse Championship in dressage for 4-year-olds. St. Schufro’s offspring have continued to shine with their high rideability, where they have achieved medals at the Danish Elite Show, a gold medal at the Danish Riding Federation’s dressage championship for 6-year-old horses and approved stallions in Germany. Farrell is winning his way in the sport, where he has won several international victories, while his offspring have been successful at, among other things, Bundes Championships in Germany. Don Olymbrio and Nanna Skodborg Merrald won their debut in Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special – and his son, Blue Hors Touch of Olympic L, managed to win a silver medal for 7-year-olds at WCYH. The stallion-stable at Blue Hors is therefore full of exciting, high-performance stallions that are ready to serve you and your mares!

Winner of Dressage Festival Marbach’s 3-year-old championship, Blue Hors Florent (Floriscount – Desperados – Wolkentanz I, breeder: ZG Pudenz & Frühling), will be stationed to Landgestüt Marbach for another season, as will Blue Hors Santiano (Sezuan – Blue Hors Romanov – Blue Hors Don Schufro, breeder: Straight Horse) continue his stay in the Netherlands at Hengstenstation Van Uytert.

Ordering of semen

Semen from Blue Hors stallions, which are stationed at Blue Hors in Denmark and with our Dutch and German partners, can be ordered every weekday between 08.00 – 09.00 by phone +45 75 36 36 36 or +45 76 41 36 15 – no later than 9:00 on the day of shipment.

The shipping days for semen (chilled semen) are every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. If you want semen at the weekend, it must be ordered on Friday before 09:00

You can also order the semen online.

Breeding advice

At Blue Hors we have several professional and competent breeding advisors with many years of experience in breeding, who are ready by phone and email, to answer questions and help and advise you on the right stallion choice for your mare.

Breeding manager Martin Klavsen, breeding consultant Jens Meyer, breeding advisers Beate Broscheit, Karina Kristensen, Lennart Lindberg, Jesper Bisgaard and breeding adviser and responsible for semen orders abroad, Jeanette Völz, know all the qualities the Blue Hors stallions inherit and they can therefore skillfully help breeders find it right match for them, their mare and their wishes.

Our breeding consultency focuses on the good match, which is about finding out how the combination of mare and stallion fit together, both in terms of blood, but also in terms of their individual characteristics. With information from the breeders about what they want to breed – is it e.g. riding horses for themselves, or horses to be sold? – this gives the breeding consultants at Blue Hors a good collaboration between the mare owner’s own considerations and wishes and the knowledge our staff possesses after many years of having inspected offspring on different bloodlines.

For breeding advice: customer-service