Blue Hors Fortron is no longer available for breeding

Due to a declining sperm quality that no longer lives up to Blue Hors' standard, we have chosen to take Fotron out of the breeding program at Blue Hors.
Blue Hors Fortron is no longer available for breeding

Blue Hors Fortron

For us at Blue Hors, which is one of the world’s leading stallion stations with customers worldwide, it is important that we can always vouch for the product we deliver – whether it is care products, sales horses or breeding material. Therefore, we choose to pull Blue Hors Fortron out of breeding, as his semen no longer lives up to the quality we want to offer.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to those who had planned to use Fortron during the breeding season. We wish for your understanding.

If you need help choosing a new stallion, we are always available by phone: +45 75 36 36 36

Two promising years of offspring

Year 2022 will be Fortron’s second foal year – and we are very much looking forward to following it. Fortron’s first foal year saw the light in 2021 and was a great success that brought along offspring of a very nice format and with an elastic movement.


“We are of course sorry to not be able to offer Fortron more in our breeding, as we have seen some very promising offspring sired by him” 

– Breeding manager Martin Klavsen. 


We still have plans to keep Fortron active in the sport, and we look forward to follow him in his further career. Therefore, we would very much like to see even more offspring by Fortron. If you have an offspring by Fortron from this year, or you got one last year that has not yet hit Blue Hors’ radar, please do not hesitate to contact us with photos, video and information.