Blue Hors stallions moving UP on the WBFSH's rankings

WBFSH's ranking list for stallions in dressage has just been released - and this year there is once again Blue Hors stallions to find in the upper top of the list!
Blue Hors stallions moving UP on the WBFSH's rankings

Blue Hors Zack

The 2020-WBFSH’s ranking hasn’t changed much overall due to the whole COVID-19 situation putting a stop to most higher level competing. But, even if this is the new reality for some time, the Blue Hors stallions have still managed to move their ranking at the list upwards! Both due to their own results competing, but also through very impressive results made by their offspring.

The one and only Blue Hors Don Schufro sired by the just as legendary Donnerhall and Pik Bube I has moved from a placing as number 10 last year to an impressive 8th place!

Blue Hors Zack, whose sire, Rousseau, is the list’s number 13 and damsire, the list’s number 2; Jazz, has jumped 9 places up on the list, from being number 26 to a fantastic result with being placed as number 17.

Don Schufro can thank his own sports career, as well as the impressive results done by his offspring, for his jump upwards on the ranking. Superstar-offspring like the Celle-stallion Dannebrog and the queen-mare of dressage; Weihegold OLD are especially worth mentioning.

Zack can also thank both his own results in the sport as well as those made by his offspring for his quantum jump on the ranking. Zack’s list of ‘result producing’-offspring is very impressive – and very long! The list includes horses like Blue Hors Zatchmo, Blue Hors Zepter, Glock’s Zonik, Zoom, Blue Hors Zee Me Blue, super-stallion Sezuan, and MANY more.

Other Blue Hors stallions worth mentioning from the 2020-rankings, are the list’s number 19; GLOCKs/Blue Hors Romanov, Blue Hors Hotline, who’s placed at number 28, and Blue Hors Don Romantic, who’s ranked as number 31.

For further geeking out, the 2020 ranking, as well as earlier year’s rankings can på found at the WBFSH’s homepage. Here you can find ‘Top 100”s and ‘Top 50”s, which also includes an offspring-based ranking, which makes everything even more exciting for the breeding-interested folks.
At the homepage you can see all rankings traced 13 years back all the way to 2008.