Blue Hors Hotline has passed

2 years ago Blue Hors Hotline and Blue Hors Rockefeller left Blue Hors, crossing the Atlantic, arriving in Canada at the Dreamscape Farm to stand stud for the breeders in Northern America 
Blue Hors Hotline has passed

The Hofrat son Hotline

Blue Hors Hotline DVE916 was in 2016 titled as ’Stallion of the Year’ in Danish Warmblood. Already back the, Hotline had achieved national as well as international results in Grand Prix with several different riders, as well as sired almost 500 offspring in Danish Warmblood alone. Along these 500, were 15 stallions selected for the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing in Herning, as well as 93 licensed daughter, who carried the impressive statistics of 67% being licensed in RDH, – with 10 of the mares receiving medals,- 1 of gold, 3 of silver and 7 of bronze.


Blue Hors Hotline was born in Germany in 2003 at his breeder Friedrich Oppermann’s place. As a young stallion Hotline was unbeatable at the licensing in both Denmark and Germany. As a four year old he received the impressive marks of 4 x 10 and 4 x 9 at his Danish licensing. He also won his 70 days performance test in Germany with 149,28 points, as well as placing as number 1 and 2 at the young horse championships for 5- and 6 year olds.

In his breeding career, Blue Hors Hotline was a great sire for young horse prospects, both in Denmark and in the rest of the world. His offspring has done well in young horse championships, especially in Denmark and Germany, but also at the World Championships for Young Horses in Verden and Ermelo, where several of his offspring has participated. In 2013 the daughter Svalegårds Hottie ended up as an impressive number 5 in the WCYH in Verden, alongside winning the Danish young horse championships. In the USA Hotline has also made an remarkable imprint by being the sire behind the licensed son Ripline DVH 1058 (breeder: Mr. Freemann, Oak Hill Ranch) who with Heather Blitz in the saddle has been one of the absolute most winning youngsters in the USA ever.

Hotline has only cemented his imprint even more, by having lots of offspring going all the way to Grand Prix. Right now, 18 offspring have been registered as Grand Prix horses, and with a big portion of even more offspring coming in 2021, even more might be joining those numbers in the future.

In Denmark, one of Hotline’s most famous offspring as both a youngster and a sports horse is Mare of the Year 2010 in Danish Warmblood, goldmedal-mare Sirikit. Sirikit is bred by Peter Christensen and has later competed in international Grand Prix with Carina Nevermann Torup. Other well-known Hotline-offspring is Heiline’s Hot Mix and Bruunholms Gaia, who with their riders Carina Cassøe Krüth and Linda Pfingstl Aasted, also have gone all the way to Grand Prix. Outside the borders of Denmark, is some of the offspring who has made a splash in the sport american Adrienne Lyle’s Horizon, who has placed in CDI3* Grand Prix in Wellington, the same goes for Lisa Wilcox’s Templeton’s Honeymoon, who also had their Grand Prix debut under the warm Floridian sun. Israeli Roy First’s Hadassa did his first Grand Prix at the age of 10 år in the Netherlands, and german Insa Hansen’s Horares and japanese Hiroyuki Kitahara’s Huracan 10 are also some of Hotline’s progenies who we have had the pleasure of seeing compete at Grand Prix level.

Stallion of the Year 2016: Blue Hors Hotline

With results like that in his bagage, there’s no doubt that Hotline has affected the world of dressage in both sport and breeding – globally.

Dreamscape Farm

When the two stallions left for Canada, they did so alongside the german stallion Spörcken in January of 2019. Jennifer Arnoldt from Dreamscape Farm could inform us, that already back then, the news of the stallions coming to America , had brought along some happy reactions from the breeders in the north. Therefore it was a very excited Jennifer Arnoldt who greeted the stallions with a warm welcome, when they arrived at her luxurious and beautiful farm, ready to take on their new job of servicing the breeders.

Dreamscape Farm is located in picturesque Langley in British Columbia, Canada. Only a few hoofsteps from Vancouver. At the other side of the street, across from Dreamscape Farm, the big ridingsportscenter Thunderbird Show Park is located. Thunderbird Show Park is one of the largest and best ridingsports facilities in the northern america, housing several weeks filled with big competitions and internationally renewed hunter- and showjumping shows every year.

Hotline, Rockefeller & Spörcken on their way to Dreamscape Farm. Photo: Dreamscape Farm

Dreamscape Farm has throughout the time become the home for many top breeding stallions, who has been carefully chosen by Jennifer’s sharp eye and vision for strengthening the breeding of quality warmblood horses in North America.

Travel-buddy Rockefeller

Hotline did not cross the Atlantic all alone, and just as Hotline did, Rockefeller continues to enjoy the love and luxury which Jennifer and Dreamscape Farm offer their stallions.


Rockefeller, who is the full brother of Blue Hors Romanov and Rubin-Royal, is the sire behind the winner of the DRF’ dressage championship and WCYH-participant Rockson, who is bred by Stutteri Tophøj. He was the supreme winner of the DRF young horse championship and he also won DWB’s performance test with an impressive 960 points. At the age of 7 he was continuously successful as a small tour horse and now as he is a successful big tour horse under his German rider Uwe Schwanz, with whom he is victorious in CDI3* Intermediaire II and Grand Prix. Rockefeller is also the father of the stallion Dortheasminde’s Rockey, who is a licensed stallion standing stud in Sweden.

Rockefeller was also the stallion behind the ‘2 year old Mare of the Year’ on Funen in Denmark in 2012. A daughter in which his impressive blood, type, movement and temperament showcased itself extremely well.

Rockefeller in Canada. Photo: Dreamscape Farm

Due to injury, Rockefeller was never a part of the sport himself, but he did finish his 10 days performance test at Vilhelmsborg. Here he was praised for his temper and behaviour. Later he achieved his final licensing, given to him based on the high quality of his first crop of offspring. A quality which we are excited to see repeat itself in the upcoming foal season of 2021 in the US.